Training for the 53 River Bank Run

Happy New Year! One of my goals for 2017 is to blog about my experience training for the upcoming River Bank run (15.5 miles) which takes place on May 13th. I’m not in the best running shape, so I plan to post about my progress, some tips for getting in the habit of running, and what it takes to train for a long distance race.


paul and marj (2 of 4).jpg

In just 130 days, I will be crossing the finish line of the largest 25K road race in the country– the 40th Annual 53 River Bank Run. This will be my 6th time running the race and it’s an incredible experience. Despite running it twice in pouring rain, I love the River Bank because it’s well attended (they anticipate more than 18,000 runners) and it keeps me motivated during the brutal winter months. The course is scenic, challenging, and lively with live music, cheerleading teams, and a good amount of spectators. It’s also amazing to see the 25K wheelchair participants and those who run for charity, in memory of someone, or who overcome health challenges. I also recruited some friends and family to sign up, so it will be awesome to run alongside some of my favorite peeps!

paul and marj (1 of 4).jpg

Since running the race for the first time 10 years ago, my track record has been pretty consistent:

2007: 2:38
2009: 2:32
2013: 2:39
2014: 2:33
2015: 2:39

Interestingly, I average between a 9-10 minute pace and my timing is somewhat stagnant. This year, I hope to set a personal record and finish the race under 2 hours and 30 minutes. I have never set a ‘time’ goal before–my main objective has always been to just finish and enjoy the race–so this will be a new journey for me. To accomplish a faster time, I plan to follow the training schedule and incorporate more strength training and sprint workouts.

Training Schedule (I print & hang on my fridge)

To kick off my training, today I finished my first longer run: 4 miles on the treadmill at a 9-minute pace. I typically run on the treadmill if it’s under 50 degrees (yes, I’m definitely a fair weather runner). It felt great to finally get a longer run in without stopping at a decent time.


paul and marj (3 of 4).jpg
Foam rolling after my run


Nothing like getting fired up for the New Year! Can’t wait to read about everyone’s fitness goals and progress. If you have any tips for improving running time, let me know!

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