A Week in Seattle, Part 1

Over the years, I’ve always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest. A few friends of mine recently moved to Seattle, so I took full advantage of my time off this summer and booked a trip! I have never been before, so my friends gave me an extensive tour and we explored a ton of what Seattle has to offer. First impression? It’s one of the most unique and picturesque cities I’ve ever visited. Every where you look, there’s a stunning landscape with shimmering bodies of water and snow-capped mountains. Seattle is FULL of character: it’s eclectic, colorful, and a haven to people of all lifestyles and backgrounds. I especially loved the insane amount of people out and about, soaking up the summer heat. Whether running, biking, paddle boarding, hiking, or human bowling, it’s evident that Seattle is an active and vibrant city.

Here are a few features of my trip and some places/ activities I highly recommend if you ever plan to visit:

The Market and Capital Hill

During my first few days, I got to catch up and visit with my friend Kristin. We’ve been friends since college and her parents live on Mercer Island where she’s staying for the summer. If you’re a newbie to Seattle, you must first visit the ultimate tourist trap, Pike Place Market. I went with both Kristin and Chelsea (my other friend who recently moved to Seattle with her family) and we were able to peak inside the first Starbucks, check out the gum wall, and take in the open, fresh air.

public market (1 of 1)

outside the public market center (1 of 1)


market vire (1 of 1)

kristin at gum wall (1 of 1)

chelsea gum wall (1 of 1)

gum wall (1 of 1)

market seattle (1 of 1)

market (1 of 1)

market seattle 2 (1 of 1)

After being fully immersed in the market, we ventured over to Capital Hill and dined at a trendy farm to table restaurant called Terra Plata. We sat on the rooftop, had a few cocktails, a smorgasbord of cheese, and shared the English pea risotto–yum! This was my fav restaurant–I love the concept of anything earth to table–right up my alley!

terra plata cocktails

terra plata cheese plate (1 of 1)

Woodinville Wine Tour

Wine from the Pacific Northwest!? Yes Please! It didn’t take much deliberation to toss this on the itinerary, and it was definitely worth it! We booked through Bon Vivant Wine Tours, which provided a full day excursion with plenty of tastings and destinations. We visited Cheteau St. Michell and few smaller wineries off the beaten path. Some pics from Cheteau St. Michelle, a massive winery with gorgeous scenery.

peacock at chateau ste michelle (1 of 1)

chateau ste michelle (1 of 1)-2

chateau ste michelle bottles (1 of 1)

chateau ste michelle (1 of 1)

Highlights were lunch at the Woodinville Purple Cafe and Matthews Winery. The Purple Cafe has a romantic ambience with endless bottles of wine stacked on the shelves. I devoured my Greek salad and Kristin ordered some fire roasted bruschetta. This restaurant is fantastic and one of Kristin’s favs. Our tour guide, a wine expert/enthusiast, mentioned it’s his top choice.

purple cafe and wine bar (1 of 1)

purple cafe 4 (1 of 1)

purple cafe 3 (1 of 1)

purple cafe (1 of 1)

purple cafe bruchetta (1 of 1)

Matthews Winery, a smaller tasting room in Woodinville, is a classy/rustic space that offers in and outdoor seating. The servers were knowledgeable, the wine was SO good, and I loved the atmosphere. The only problem is I may have tried a little too much…

matthews winery woodinville (1 of 1)

matthews wine bar (1 of 1)

matthews 2 (1 of 1)

matthews interior (1 of 1)

sobering up after wine tasting (1 of 1)

A lot of you have been asking about my trip, so hopefully this is a good teaser! I’ll be posting more this week and sharing pics about solo hike up Mt Si–stay tuned!

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